Sailor 800 VSAT Ku High-Power

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Sailor 800 VSAT Ku High Power

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  • 407008B SAILOR 800 VSAT Above Deck Unit (ADU) incl.
    • 83cm Reflector
    • 20W BUC
    • 2 x Multiband LNBs
    • OMT/Diplexer
    • Mounting accessories
  • 407016C SAILOR Antenna Control Unit (ACU), AC powered
  • AC power cable
  • NMEA Multi-plug
  • 2 x 1m 75 Ohm coax cable Tx/Rx ACU-VMU
  • Ethernet cable
Model/varenr.: SA-407080B-00500
Satellit system: VSAT Ku Band
Vægt: 200 kg

The SAILOR 800 VSAT Ku is a standardized high-performance 3-axis stabilized Ku-band antenna system with an 83 cm reflector dish. It comes in a standard 6W BUC or a high power 20W
version and provides the same or better radio performance than a typical 1m antenna.

The focus of the new SAILOR 800 VSAT Ku is on RF performance, G/T, which is >18 dB/K - a value equal to or higher than most other 1m maritime VSAT antennae performance claims - yet it's much smaller and lighter. This performance makes the new 83cm antenna suitable for vessels that would normally specify a 1m antenna. The unique, class-leading performance of SAILOR 800 VSAT Ku also opens up a world of high quality, reliable communications for a wider number of vessels including workboats, fishing vessels, inland waterways and yachts, whilst providing installation flexibility for vessels of all types and size.


  • Frequency - Ku-Band (20W BUC)
  • Reflector size - 83cm / 32.7 Inch
  • Design requirements - FCC, Intelsat, ETSI
  • AC power - 100-240V AC (ADU is Powered by BDU)

Download specifications for more info here