NAVAlert vessel system

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Navalert system for vessels.

  • Alert forwarding to portable crew radios
  • Text messaging to portable crew radios
  • Telemetry functions directly from your portable radios
  • Remote control systems with one-touch from your radio
  • Man-down and lone worker alerts
Model: NT-Navalert
Weight: 3 kg

Navalert system for vessels.

Full customized alerting solution for your vessel.

Get critical information and alerts forwarded to your portable crew radio display.

  • Fire alarms with detector type and location.
  • Engine alarms with critical information.
  • Cargo alerts with critical information.
  • Forward mobile phone SMS to text on radio display.

- or remote control a system from your portable radio

  • Start a remote controlled process from your radio.
  • Emergency alert your crew members.
  • Man-down and lone worker alerts


  • Standard gateway computer
    • 4 x GPIO's
    • 1 x LAN
    • 1 x Serial input
  • Compatible radio transceivers
    • Motorola
    • Kenwood 
    • iCom
    • Hytera
  • Expandable units
    • Serial adapters
    • LAN adapters
    • GPIO adapters
    • Modbus adapters


Contact radioteam for more information at


Listed price is for a basic system, which includes:

  • Gateway unit (hardware)
  • GPIO configuration (webconfig)
  • Fireloop configuration (For Consilium-Salwico) (webconfig)

This is a custom made solution, please contact Radioteam before ordering.