Intellian t130W/t130Q TVRO

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Intellian t130W / t130Q TVRO

Included in system:

  • Intellian t130W or T130Q TVRO Above Deck Unit (ADU) incl.
    • 125cm Reflector
    • Ku Band
    • Intellian LNB Quad Output
    • Mounting accessories

  • Intellian Antenna Control Unit (ACU) incl.
    • AC power cable
    • NMEA and NMEA2000 interface
    • Wi-Fi
Model: IN-T3-131AQS
Satellite system: TVRO (TV systems)
Intellian provides just right solution for European customer’s purpose. It’s simple, easy, reliable and affordable. For vessels that may require global TV coverage in the future, a conversion kit is also available for WorldView LNB Model.
Some of the HD TV services have moved onto DVB-S2, and there will be more in the future. Thanks to Intellian’s groundbreaking DVB-S2 digital TV technology, now boaters are able to enjoy their favorite DTH (Direct To Home) entertainment at sea, just like home.
The t130Q includes the pre-programmed global satellite library which allows boaters to select the desired satellite while travelling from region to region. Moving from one region to another is as simple as a few button taps on your Smart phone or Tablet.
The built-in Wi-Fi enables the ACU to be wirelessly connected and can be either turned on and off by a switch. Any kind of wireless devices such as PCs, laptops and smartphones can be used to connect to the ACU and monitor, control and change the settings of the system wirelessly.


  • Frequency - Ku-Band (10.7-12.75GHz)
  • Reflector size - 105cm
  • AC power - 100-240V AC (ADU is Powered by BDU)

  • t130W Worldview model
  • t130Q European model

Download specifications for more info here