Intellian t100W/t100Q TVRO

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Intellian t100W / t100Q TVRO

Included in system:

  • Intellian t100W or T100Q TVRO Above Deck Unit (ADU) incl.
    • 105cm Reflector
    • Ku Band
    • Intellian LNB Quad Output
    • Mounting accessories

  • Intellian Antenna Control Unit (ACU) incl.
    • AC power cable
    • NMEA and NMEA2000 interface
    • Wi-Fi
Model: IN-T3-101AQS3
Satellite system: TVRO (TV systems)
Weight: 100 kg
Intellian provides just right solution for European customer’s purpose. It’s simple, easy, reliable and affordable. For vessels that may require global TV coverage in the future, a conversion kit is also available for WorldView LNB Model.
The t100Q’s radome matches the styling of Intellian’s v100GX VSAT antenna, making the two a perfect solution for larger yachts or wherever there is an emphasis on symmetrical design. The v100GX is one of the most popular VSAT antennas on the market today, making the t100Q a convenient choice.
The t100Q includes the pre-programmed global satellite library which allows boaters to select the desired satellite while travelling from region to region. Moving from one region to another is as simple as a few button taps on your Smart phone or Tablet.
The built-in Wi-Fi enables the ACU to be wirelessly connected and can be either turned on and off by a switch. Any kind of wireless devices such as PCs, laptops and smartphones can be used to connect to the ACU and monitor, control and change the settings of the system wirelessly.


  • Frequency - Ku-Band (10.7-12.75GHz)
  • Reflector size - 105cm
  • AC power - 100-240V AC (ADU is Powered by BDU)

  • t100W Worldview model
  • t100Q European model

Download specifications for more info here